Satoshi says:
doves cry,
bitcoin wins.
that's what time does.
Knut H.
signed with 300 sat
I'm not that dumb.
Spent 12 satoshi today.
Ana Dobre Cos  16-Jul-2018
My friend Satoshi
told me
to place this ad.
Peter M. 
2 000 sat 16-Jul-2018
Burned a sh*tload
of 20 000 satoshi
Major John  14-Jul-2018
The world is sad,
but I paid
5 500 satoshi for this ad.
Bea M  14-Jul-2018
I paid 200 satoshi
and all I got
was this lousy ad
Varius Totts  2018-07-13
Proud f*cker
Martim Alves
paid 10 satoshi
for this ad
Satoshi says:
bitcoin like crane.
flies with style.
Peter Shot
signed with 100 sat
Satoshi says:
spend wise,
spend quick,
send BTC through the air.
Mardrid Pop
signed with 10 000 sat
my BTC will talk
Jenny KX
40 000 satoshi 2018-07-14
Yes, on Saturday, 14th of July, 2018 Bertram Williams already was part of Lightning Network.
Paid 6 600 satoshi to make that clear.
I love you,
Paid 100 satoshi to tell everyone.
I am better than you.
I paid 24 satoshi for this ad.
Ana Rodrigues

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